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Why do Avocados cause Stomach Ache?

Recently I noticed that anytime I eat a home made Wrap with half an Avocado in it, I get a stomach ache 5-10 minutes after eating it. The Wrap I make really has nothing else other than 3 leaves of Lettuce, 1 slice of Pepper Jack cheese, 3 strips of Buffalo Chicken Sandwich meat, and half an Avocado. I know its not the cheese or the sandwich meat because I dont get any pains when I eat it by itself or in a normal sandwich. So it has to be the Avocado.

Sometimes the pain is unbearable and lasts a good 3-5 minutes. And sometimes the pain is only 30-60 secs. Its a sharp pain in my lower abdomen. I will have to pay more attention to it and keep updating this blog with new info.

There is not a lot of information online regarding this topic other than people saying the body cannot handle that much of Avocado fat at once. Doesnt make any sense as I am not even eating that much at once.


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